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Leadership. Strategic Planning. Productivity.

The skills you need to be a successful leader can be learnt.

Your ability to remove self-sabotaging behaviours can be developed. Effective relationships can be built. Peak performance can be achieved and productivity increased. These are all within your control.

With a focus on results based outcomes, Sharon Williams (principal of Alpha Coaching), is committed to delivering an exceptional return on investment by:

  • Creating exceptional leadership capabilities through skills and behavioural training
  • Helping CEOs, Boards and Senior Leaders operate at peak performance
  • Focusing on leadership psychology to build high-performing teams
  • Increasing your organisation’s bottom line through increased productivity and cohesion
  • Assisting Boards and executive teams with strategic planning to achieve their corporate vision and goals
  • Facilitating and conducting Board reviews to ensure maximum value and outcomes are achieved
  • Delivering keynote speeches with a focus on Peak Performance and Firms of Endearment

“Sharon works quickly and effectively to identify the root cause of behaviour or challenges that might be holding an individual back from achieving their full potential. I have seen Managers with years of negative behaviour change their patterns and turn things around quickly, which has led to an overflow of positive results within their teams.”
Learning & Development Manager, Optus

Extensive qualifications and experience, which you can assess here, enable Sharon to deliver measurable results for Boards, CEOs and Senior Leaders.


Sharon Williams